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Every trader deals with marketing in connection with the sale of products. According to the Marketing Act, the company is obliged to act in accordance with good marketing practice.

The concept of ” showing good marketing practice ” can be difficult for the individual to understand, and therefore our advice can make it clear where the limit is for what means are acceptable and legal.

We advise on all aspects of marketing law, including among other things:

  • Good marketing practice
  • General rules on legal behavior on the market
  • Greenwashing (The use of environmental statements)

The rules in competition law have been drawn up so that they ensure effective and fair competition between competitors and benefit all parties, including consumers and businesses.

Violation of the Competition Act can have serious consequences for the company, which can result in fines and imprisonment.

Competition law ensures, among other things, that artificially high prices and cartel formation cannot be set, a ban on abuse of a dominant position as well as mergers/acquisitions of control, where the competition authorities investigate whether competition will be hindered by a future merger and thus a possible prohibition of this merger.

We recommend that the company is careful and that a clear plan is drawn up to minimize the risk of a possible violation of the law. We are happy to assist in connection with the above and can, among other things, advise on:

  • Inspection of concluded agreements and resolutions
  • Advice in relation to strategic contracts
  • On-going advice and assessment of the company’s behavior and position on the market

More knowledge about Competition and marketing law

What else can we help with ?

Employment law

We advise on all aspects of employment law and act as a legal sparring partner for companies that want to stay up to date on current regulations.

Banking and finance

Our banking and financing team has many years of experience and provides competent advice and sparring in all areas of financing.

Board work

We advise and actively participate in professional boards and help make a difference in the strategic and legal development of the company.

Property management

In Property Management, we advise and manage all types of real estate operations, from small leases to large property portfolios

Energy and infrastructure

We have many years of experience advising on energy and infrastructure, and our skilled team has extensive knowledge of the industry and legislation.

Construction law

We advise on all aspects of construction law and draw up construction contracts so you can focus on what's most important: your business.
Eu ret 480x215

EU legislation

We advise on all aspects of EU law and understand that business relationships are affected by EU law regulation.

Real estate and tenancy law

Our specialists advise on all aspects of real estate, including buying and selling commercial real estate and commercial and residential tenancy law



Intellectual property rights

We have many years of experience in advising on intellectual property law and can assist companies in obtaining legal protection and clarity on intellectual property rights.


Our experienced debt collection team ensures efficient and result-oriented case management that creates value for your business.

Insolvency and reorganization

At DreistStorgaard, we specialize in advising companies with liquidity problems. We also advise on the establishment and implementation of financial reconstructions of distressed or insolvent companies.

IT & Technology

We advise on all legal and strategic matters within IT, tech and digitalization and have a deep understanding of the strategic development of the company.

Entrepreneurship and scale up

Our team specializes in start-ups, scale-ups and entrepreneurship. Our skills and experience allow us to see the big picture and help with more than just legal issues.

Buying and selling businesses

We have many years of experience in mergers and acquisitions and our expertise in this area has helped us assist in a significant number of M&A transactions.
Konkurrenceret og markedsføringsret - thumbnail 480x215

Competition and marketing law

We have many years of experience and advise on all aspects of competition and marketing law.
Landbrug og fødevarer 480x215

Agriculture and food

We offer professional and competent advice for small and large companies in agriculture and food as well as companies related to the industry.
Persondata - thumbnail 480x215

Personal data

We advise, strategize and assist in all aspects of personal data collection, processing and disclosure. We help you achieve an integrated approach to your company's personal data management.

Litigation and disputes

We represent our clients in disputes within all aspects of business and conduct litigation and arbitration proceedings in the District Courts, Maritime and Commercial Court, Eastern and Western High Court and the Supreme Court.

Company law

We have a highly specialized team with many years of experience to advise and assist with everything from company formation to complex corporate law matters.
udbudsret 480x215

Procurement law

We have a specialized team with in-depth knowledge of the industry and provide advice on all parts of the tendering and contracting process, including tendering, bidding and contracting.

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We are a forward-thinking full-service law firm that advises a wide range of clients –
everything from private customers to local and national companies in the SME segment as well as international companies.

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