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Recently, DreistStorgaard has been able to say that we have advised in connection with a number of M&A transactions – e.g. the news about Brandgruppen ApS and the news about a group of electrical installers – and we are proud that our business team has now also helped two exciting and innovative scale-ups to close investment rounds.

One is the company CLIIN Robotics; A high-tech company that, based on extensive knowledge of the shipping industry and the industry’s challenges in reducing the pressure on the environment, has developed a robot that can clean ships using only water, both on the “inside” of tanks and holds as well as on the “outside” of the hull below the water surface. You can read more about CLIIN Robotics here:

The other is a life science company which, however, has not yet published the transaction itself.

Nikolaj Juhl Hansen, who joined DreistStorgaard at the end of 2022, is the partner in charge of clients for both companies, and in both cases it is companies and founders that he has fully from the start.

Nicholas says:

“We are looking into a difficult financing market for start-ups and scale-ups at the moment, where money is much less loose than in 2020 and 2021. The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank does not make it any easier. But there are still a lot of great companies and people out there working to solve some of the problems facing the next generations. Being able to support companies that work with the development of a completely new form of treatment and the other a lower energy consumption in and even a safer shipping industry, and to see them “grow up” is a really good feeling”.

In addition to Nikolaj Juhl Hansen, DreistStorgaard’s team consisted of Casper Simonsen, Martin Skovbjerg and Søren Theilgaard.

With the opening of an office in Copenhagen, DreistStorgaard has increased our focus on the entrepreneurial world and in addition to having a number of entrepreneurial companies as clients, we participate in a number of networks and generally support entrepreneurship.

Among other things, we are proud to be part of Tech Nordic Advocates, the Nordic/Baltic part of the global network Global Tech Advocates, where Nikolaj Juhl Hansen has just been appointed as a member of the steering group working with an initiative to increase the focus on female entrepreneurs. See more here:

In addition, we help pro bono Go Zebra; an NGO that, via entrepreneurship academies, puts entrepreneurship on the school syllabus for children aged 10-13. See more on their website , and on 29 March we celebrated the entrepreneurs of the future in connection with Future Entrepreneurs of Denmark visiting us – a story you will soon know more about here on the website and you can read much more here .



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