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Board work

Real estate and tenancy law

Debt collection

Insolvency and reconstruction

Purchase and sale of commercial property

Purchase and sale of companies

Company law

Handling of estates



Lawyer (L), partner

Søren Storgaard is a partner and one of the founders of DreistStorgaard Advokater. Søren’s primary practice is within business and company law, including a particular focus on insolvency and reconstruction as well as the purchase and sale of properties. Søren Storgaard also sits on a large number of boards.

Direct: (+45) 56 64 09 75

Mobile: (+45) 20 61 86 81


Office: Køge

  • Søren Storgaard has been in the industry for more than 25 years and has a broad business profile. He has an acquisitive approach to clients and therefore has many loyal clients whom he has helped to get started. Søren has considerable experience in probate proceedings, as he has been appointed as the probate court’s assistant in bankruptcy estates for the Court in Roskilde and sits on the Debts Agency’s panel of lawyers for the Courts in Roskilde and Næstved.

    Søren is a member of the Danish Insolvency Lawyers. Søren also handles estates for legal circles throughout the country and thereby also has extensive experience in advising private clients.

    Søren is particularly committed to the development of the local environment, where he is, among other things, chairman of HB Køge and Køge Handel.

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