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Our support and partners

We have a long tradition of supporting associations and businesses in our neighborhoods and supporting initiatives that make a special effort. We want to make a difference and give back to someone who really deserves it.

We help invest in the community because we believe it is the foundation of our society and business.

Among other things, we support:


In 2021, we entered into a very special sponsorship with Legeheltene, which is part of the Child Accident Foundation. The work of the play heroes is hugely significant and important for the more than 60,000 children and young people admitted to Danish hospitals every year. We support the work of the Play Heroes in hospitals, as it gives us the opportunity to make a difference for children and young people who are going through prolonged illnesses and are cut off from their normal everyday lives.

Play heroes have a special place at DreistStorgaard.

HB Køge
Søren Storgaard and Svend-Aage Dreist Hansen have been among the driving forces behind the football club HB Køge for many years. Søren Storgaard is currently chairman of the board of the club.
Lucerna - Education, culture, and entrepreneurship center in Holbæk

Lucerna is a safe place where young people between the ages of 16-30 can grow and develop, make use of the house facilities and participate in socially relevant activities. They help promote job opportunities for young people in Holbæk by connecting with the local business community.

Lykkeliga Indsatsstyrkerne, Køge Håndbold

Lykkeliga Indsatsstyrkerne i Køge Håndbold creates a community with high ceilings and lots of movement and fun. The target group is for anyone who is challenged in one way or another. Sport and community should be available to everyone regardless of disabilities, diagnoses or other challenges. Lykkeliga Indsatsstyrkerne in Køge is part of the nationwide handball concept Lykkeliga.

Go Zebra

Go Zebra is a non-profit organization and community that supports imaginative, energetic children with the courage and confidence to create their future. They bring innovation and entrepreneurship to children and support their creative processes towards the challenges of the future.

We work with, among others:

Lawyer watch in Køge

Several of our lawyers regularly appear in collaboration with Køge’s other law firms at Advokatvagten in Køge to help citizens with legal issues.

Future Entrepreneurs of Denmark

Future Entrepreneurs of Denmark is an entrepreneurship program where students from the universities of Copenhagen participate in an intensive course where they learn about the many core competencies of entrepreneurship. We participate in workshops and provide legal advice to young entrepreneurs.

Tech Nordic Advocates

TNA is Northern Europe’s largest (non-profit) Tech/start-up ecosystem. A network of founders, start-ups, scale-ups, investors, mentors, hubs, companies, universities and more, working together to stimulate collaboration and growth in the tech sector. They connect startups with investors and growth companies. We participate in their various programs and provide legal advice to startups and others.


Finklusiv is a social enterprise that helps create financial inclusion in Denmark by bridging the gap between business owners and banks. They help support economic integration and optimal conditions for entrepreneurs.

Nordic Blockchain

One of the largest non-profit blockchain organizations in the Nordics. They are a network facilitator and aim to help influential organizations, solutions and networks that use blockchain and DLT to solve the challenges of living in a society that is being transformed by the fourth industrial revolution.

We work closely with FamilieTestamente, one of Denmark’s largest digital companies within all aspects of family and inheritance law. FamilyWill offers digital legal documents where the process is simple and easy. At Family Wills, you get competent legal advice and the preparation of legally correct documents at competitive prices within 24 hours.

FamilieTestamente is owned by the partners behind DreistStorgaard Advokater.

If you are buying or selling your home, our team of real estate agents and legal experts are ready to advise and assist you with your real estate transaction.

In our experience, it’s often the details that help ensure a successful real estate transaction.
Our team has many years of experience in residential real estate and can provide competent and professional advice to help you through your real estate transaction safely and securely.

DreistStorgaard Bolighandel is owned by the partners behind DreistStorgaard Advokater.

No company is better than the people behind it!

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