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The philosophy behind our digital services is to use automation to simplify legal solutions combined with legal advice. We’ve done this to meet you at eye level and give technology a human face.

Digital Services

When you set up a private or public limited company through DS Digital, we'll help you get there safely and ensure you get advice on your specific situation. You fill in all the necessary information yourself and then it's sent to one of our skilled legal staff who, through a legal quality assurance process, will review the information and ensure that the details of your new company are in order.

Our digital solution helps you get started with the formation of your company, and we deliver the formation document, articles of association, register the company for you and create a register of owners so you're ready to start your business.

If you are buying or selling your home, our team of real estate agents and legal experts are ready to advise and assist you with your real estate transaction. In our experience, it's often the details that help ensure a successful real estate transaction.

Today, most buyers find their new home online, which is why we have opted out of physical stores, but without compromising on the close and professional collaboration. Our team has many years of experience in residential real estate and can provide competent and professional advice to help you through your real estate transaction safely and securely.

DreistStorgaard Bolighandel is owned by the partners behind DreistStorgaard Advokater.

We work closely with FamilieTestamente, one of Denmark's largest digital companies within all aspects of family and inheritance law.

FamilieTestamente offers digital legal documents where the process is simple and easy.

You can choose from;

"Do it yourself solution" - 100% digital

"Do it yourself solution" - limited advice

"We do it all for you solution" - holistic advice from specialized lawyers

At FamilieTestamente, you get competent legal advice and the preparation of legally correct documents at competitive prices within 24 hours.

FamilieTestamente is owned by the partners behind DreistStorgaard Advokater.

No company is better than the people behind it!

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