A sound and secure legal basis is essential for a visionary business, in order for the management to focus on the commercial matters of the company.

Processing Debt Collection Cases

Establishing a dialogue with debtors

When we receive a case, we examine debtor’s ability to pay in various registers and databases.

It is important to us to enter into a dialogue with the debtor, so we try to establish contact with the debtor by telephone. In that way, we remove the distance and, if possible, get ahead of the creditors who merely issue ordinary reminders. The purpose is partly to assess the possibility of recovering the debt out-of-court, partly to understand the reason for the non-payment.

Based on our dialogue with debtor, we provide individual advice to our clients on the further progress of the case, including the possibility of obtaining a debtor’s declaration and thus avoid heavy expenses for the legal system. We also try to establish an instalment plan, whenever we see an opportunity for this, and provide advice on how we believe the case should be continued.

In some cases, a single request from us is enough to get the debtor to pay. In other cases, it is necessary to contact the debtor several times and in different ways.

Depending on the nature of the case, our services include:

  • A thorough review of the case – if possible, we will review the debtor’s latest annual report etc.
  • Telephone contact with the debtor
  • Drafting debt collection letters, debtor’s declarations etc.
  • Registration and monitoring of debtor in RKI, the largest debtor register in Denmark
  • Administration of instalment plans

If it is not possible to get debtor to pay the debt voluntarily, we will take legal action. If so, we will either draft a small money claim form or a writ of summons.

If debtor has any objections and the case requires actual litigation, we offer to let one of our experienced lawyers conduct the case.

If debtor does not pay after a court ruling has been delivered, we will refer the case to the enforcement court and we can make sure that a writ of execution is issued in the debtor’s assets.