A sound and secure legal basis is essential for a visionary business, in order for the management to focus on the commercial matters of the company.

Litigation and Disputes

Considerations in connection with litigation

If you have a claim against another business, a person or the public sector and cannot reach an agreement, and if you are considering initiating legal proceedings against the party in question, we urge you to seek advice from a competent lawyer as early in the process as possible.

At DreistStorgaard, we focus on your business and its situation and we will provide the proper legal advice so that you can maintain peace of mind during a possible litigation process.

We have the competences

In connection with litigation and disputes, it is a natural part of our counselling to do our best to evaluate the pros and cons connected to litigation or a dispute resolution in relation to your business’ case. We make a point of guiding you through and advising you on the litigation risks connected to the conduction of cases and will, if possible, provide our assessment of the probable outcome of the case.

We conduct cases before the Danish Supreme Court, the Eastern and Western High Courts, the Maritime and Commercial Court and the Danish district courts. Similarly, we conduct arbitration proceedings.

We provide advice on and assist in:

  • Civil cases – for example, in connection with the purchase and sale of real estate, faulty workmanship, disputes with the local authority
  • Cases within the field of commercial lease law – for example, in relation to rent regulations, disputes in connection with the vacation of premises etc.
  • Arbitration proceedings