A sound and secure legal basis is essential for a visionary business, in order for the management to focus on the commercial matters of the company.

Board services

We want to make a difference

Most companies benefit from having a professional board, which helps the daily management see the company in a wider perspective. The board assists in outlining the overall framework for the visions and operations of the company and is able to bring input to the company from the outside.

A number of our lawyers are on the professional boards of small and medium-sized enterprises. Our approach to our board duties is that we want to be a trusted adviser to the owners/management.

It is important to us that we make a difference in our board duties and that we are not on the board only to contribute our knowledge about current legislation. Precisely our approach to and experience in providing advice on business-related issues are important in this regard.

Get more than you expect

Our commercial understanding and our understanding of accounts means that we are not traditional lawyers in connection with our board duties.

Thus, we not only contribute knowledge about the rules of companies, directors’ liability etc., we also assume responsibility for significant decisions regarding strategy and visions together with the daily management and other board members. In that way, we can help influence the general development of the company in relation to finances, organisation, day-to-day employment practices and similar fields.

In addition, we naturally use our legal background and knowledge to ensure that the company both complies with current legislation and is abreast of any legislative changes.

We have a thorough knowledge of many industries and a broad network of, for example, banks and auditors – both locally, regionally and nationally. Thus, we can help establish important contacts and open doors.

We commit and set up counterclaims

We make an effort to understand the company concerned and its activities so that we may function as a sparring partner and inspirator. In that way, we are able to contribute to the development and growth of the company in the best possible way.

Conversely, we make demands on the companies whose boards we are on. Among other things, we demand that we are continuously informed about important matters within the company; that we continually receive balance sheets; that detailed budgets are drawn up; and that a certain number of annual board meetings are held. This is to ensure that we have a thorough knowledge of the company and its finances so that we can contribute our knowledge and feedback as much as possible.

Our board duties are covered by our liability insurance.

If you wish to discuss the possibilities of cooperation with you and your company, you are welcome to contact us.