A sound and secure legal basis is essential for a visionary business, in order for the management to focus on the commercial matters of the company.

DreistStorgaard – who are we?

DreistStorgaard is a full-service law firm with considerable expertise within the fields of business consulting, private law, debt collection, estate management and financial advice.

Our offices are located in Køge, Næstved, Copenhagen and Sorø and we employ a team of employees within different categories, such as lawyers, junior lawyers, legal case managers, financial consultants, correspondents and service assistants.

Our mission is to make a difference to our clients.

Result-oriented legal advice

We believe that we help our clients best by providing personal and result-oriented legal advice focusing on our core values: quality, availability, commitment and promptness.

To us, law is a tool for creating a basis for what is most important: finding the solution that generates value and results for you as a client.

Our clients are local, regional, national and international, and we take pride in providing personal, goal-oriented legal advice, tailored to meet the needs of the individual client.

A high level of professionalism and differentiated competences

All of our employees are strongly committed and highly professional. Some of our employees have experience from other relevant fields and are, for example, educated estate agents, business economists and correspondents. This means that we are able to draw on many different competences besides law itself when working on the individual case.

Our size and broad range of professional competences make it possible for us to be personal and to tailor our legal advice to fit the nature and proportions of each case at the same time. If it is necessary to involve specialists in specific fields, we have a number of competent business partners, which we involve and with which we discuss the matter.

Thus, it is always you and your needs that constitute the basis for our legal advice.