A sound and secure legal basis is essential for a visionary business, in order for the management to focus on the commercial matters of the company.


As lawyers, we are aware of our responsibility to promote justice and counteract injustice, also as a company in relation to our society, employees and clients. It is a part of our culture to be involved in the society in which we live and where we want to generate positive value.

Our social commitment and responsibility go hand in hand with our business. We willingly act where we can make a difference.

We invest locally

  • As a general rule, we conduct business locally. Choosing local business partners generates value for our business, and at the same time we help strengthen our local community.
  • We help our local community by devoting our time and energy. Thus, we are involved in a number of associations, among other things through our directorships. For example, Svend-Aage Dreist Hansen and Søren Storgaard have been among the driving forces behind the football club HB Køge for many years, and DreistStorgaard continues to be a major supporter and sponsor of the club.
  • We continually host a number of after-work meetings and open house events free of charge. Here, we willingly share our professional knowledge within fields such as forced sales, the laws governing the rights of tenants and landlords, inheritance, wills and marriage contracts.

Donations and sponsorships

  • We have a long history of supporting association activities and tje business world in our community. We want to help generate growth in the area we live in and are a part of. Therefore, we make a point of maintaining a close dialogue and cooperation with local businesses and associations. It adds vitality – for the benefit of you and for all of us.
  • Throughout our history, we have always supported initiatives that deserve a helping hand. In 2016, we contributed a total of about DKK 1 million in the form of sponsorships to different activities, supporting everything from cultural and charitable purposes to local sports organisations.We donate to charities on an ongoing basis.

The Lawyers’ Legal Aid

  • We want to make legal advice available to everybody. Therefore, we take part in the Lawyers’ Legal Aid, where we offer legal advice free of charge to citizens in the municipality of Køge together with other local law firms.

Working environment and environmental considerations

  • CSR is also about the environment and climate. Our head office in Køge is leading in this area with details such as technical installations that regulate the indoor climate with the lowest possible resource consumption. The building has been built with special environmental considerations that result in a low consumption of electricity, water and heat. Furthermore, the choice of materials ensures intelligent control of light fittings in every room as well as a good indoor climate in terms of heating, atmosphere, acoustics and illumination.
  • Most striking is the installation of small-size solar panels that produce hot water. In addition, the building has separate piping for toilet flushing with a reservoir that reuses rainwater gathered from the roof. These measures decrease resource and energy consumption. The municipality of Køge approved the solution despite a general ban on solar panels in the city centre. The solar panel has been mounted as an integrated part of the roof surface and helps make the building special.